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Transplant Teenz Terms of Use

Transplant Teenz is a program of Micah Gives, who's parent company, Brittany Speaks Inc, is a 501(c)3 incorporated charity organization. Founded in 2015, Brittany Speaks fosters emotional and psychological wellness for individuals navigating challenging circumstances. Through education and empowerment, we guide humanity towards holistic well-being.

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Our Policy

Transplant Teenz Support Community Policy

Transplant Teenz, a program of Brittany Speaks, Inc., offers a support community for minors who are pediatric transplant recipients. The purpose of this support group is to provide a safe space for these teens to process their feelings and experiences while receiving peer support. Many pediatric transplant recipients experience fear and worry about their health, their family's wellbeing, and their future. Communicating with others in similar situations can ease stress and provide comfort.

The online support groups are educational and supportive in nature, offering self-care strategies to assist participants during this difficult time. These groups will not provide psychological or healthcare advice for any particular individual or situation. If medical attention is required, participants should contact their transplant team. If they are in distress, they should contact their primary care provider. In case of an emergency, call 911.

The support group will not offer medical, mental health, or any other type of health service. No diagnosis, treatment recommendations, or advice regarding any medical or mental health condition or illness will be provided. The support group cannot be a substitute for or alternative to treatment when a medical or mental health condition is present. Participants are advised to seek professional services from licensed physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other healthcare professionals as needed.

Parental Consent

By allowing your minor child to participate in the Transplant Teenz support group, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

1. **No Liability Assumption**: The support sessions provided by Brittany Speaks, Inc. are intended to offer support and guidance but do not guarantee specific outcomes. Brittany Speaks, Inc. and its facilitators assume no liability for any consequences resulting from actions taken based on information provided during support sessions.
2. **Confidentiality** Your child's privacy is paramount. Information shared during support sessions will be kept confidential, except in cases where there is an imminent threat of harm to themselves or others, or where disclosure is required by law. Please refer to Brittany Speaks, Inc.'s confidentiality policy for further details.

3. **Professional Boundaries**: It is expected that both the facilitators and the participants will maintain professional boundaries during support sessions, including respectful communication and appropriate behavior.

4. **Participant Responsibility**: While Brittany Speaks, Inc. strives to provide support and guidance, participants are ultimately responsible for their decisions and actions. Active participation and open communication during support sessions are essential.

5. **No Guarantee of Results**: Support sessions are collaborative, and outcomes may vary depending on individual circumstances. Brittany Speaks, Inc. does not guarantee specific results or outcomes from participation in support sessions.

6. **Suing Disclaimer**: By allowing your child to participate in support sessions offered by Brittany Speaks, Inc., you agree not to hold the organization or its facilitators liable for any damages, losses, or injuries, including emotional distress, arising from participation in support sessions. In the event of any dispute, you agree to resolve it through mediation or arbitration rather than litigation.

By permitting your child to join the Transplant Teenz support group, you acknowledge that you agree to these terms.

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