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Transplant  is lonely,
but we don't need to do it alone.

As you know, organ transplant is one of the most beautiful medical processes available to us today. 

Being a teen in today's world AND having or awaiting a transplant can be lonely, but they don't need to do it alone. Transplant Teenz are a  small and important community that will best thrive together. 


Dr. Brittany Clayborne


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Micah Clayborne


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  • Amazon 2 Time #1 Best Selling Author

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In Brittany's Words

"Isolation, not loneliness, defines what was hardest about my transplant journey. While surrounded by loved ones, I felt like the only one navigating this unique world of transplants, immunosuppression, and daily challenges specific to transplant patients."


As I received the devastating news that my only child would have to take this harrowing journey I jumped into go mode, not just as a mom, or a transplant recipient, but as a psychologist whose very research was founded on the importance of navigating this physical journey in a healthy mental space. there are countless amounts of research that reinforce the necessity of peer support and the support of community during a health crisis. during the covid 19 pandemic the suicide attempt rate of adolecents soared 600% citing depression and loneliness as the top factors.


As a person that specializes in critical illness I witness firsthand and have lived the withdrawal, isolation, loneliness and disconnect that comes with having a health condition that limits contact and community. Just as I don’t want my son to experience those emotions, I don’t want any child to have to either.


My Name is Brittany Clayborne, MS, PsyD and I am asking you to partner with me in making sure that as teens are surviving transplant, they don’t have to survive loneliness as well.

The Effects of Loneliness and Isolation

Social isolation can weaken the immune system and increase inflammation in the body.

Loneliness among heart failure patients is associated with a nearly 400% increased risk of death.

Loneliness is also associated with higher rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide.​

Poor social relationships are associated with a 29% increased risk of heart disease

Your  Partnership Contributes to each teen  receiving...

Post Transplant Care Kits

Peer Support Platforms w/
Multilingual Funcationality

Resources for Medication, Education, and Lifestyle Adjustments

Advanced Tech for Connection and Community

Advocacy Training

Volunteer Training


The success of a transplant is directly linked to the support and continued mental health of the patient. And just as OPOs, Transplant Centers, and other donation centric organizations are foundational to the success of the graft, your support to be a foundational part of Transplant Teenz as well. 

We are seeking networking partners such as hospitals, for profit and not for profit organizations, transplant and tissue support organizations, etc for networking collaborations. 


There is no cost or financial sponsorship requirement for network partners and we’d love to have you join our journey! 

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